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Rock Meets Country On Outlaws & Moonshine’s “Pills and Alcohol”

Outlaws and Moonshine’s newest single “Pills and Alcohol” is available now everywhere you listen to music. Following the success of their highly acclaimed lead single and music video, “Hillbilly Rockstars,” this talented southern rock and country band from Indianapolis, IN, is back with a vengeance.

Formed in 2014, Outlaws and Moonshine have been relentless in pushing the boundaries of their music. They’ve drawn inspiration from an eclectic mix of genres, including rock, new country, classic country, southern rock, and metal. The band includes Beau Vanvolkenburg (lead vocals, guitar), Chris Vanvolkenburgh (bass, vocals), Richie Wilkinson (guitar, backing vocals), Mark Oaldon (guitar, vocals), and Eric Piper (drums).

The talented lineup of seasoned musicians brings a wealth of experience and musical prowess to the table.

Insight Into “Pills and Alcohol”

Vanvolkenburg sheds light on the profound meaning behind “Pills and Alcohol.” “It’s a poignant reflection on our struggles with demons and vices. The song encapsulates that moment when you wake up, only to realize that these vices have taken their toll on you. It delves into the never-ending search for ‘peace of mind’ and the vicious illusion of feeling better.”

The exciting new track was released on Dark Spark Records. Production and mixing of “Pills and Alcohol” were flawlessly executed by Dalton Vanvolkenburgh. The result is a song that expertly captures the raw emotions and delivers a powerful sonic experience to the listener.

Outlaws and Moonshine have been making waves in the industry. They recently graced the stage of the iconic Viper Room. The crowd of fans and industry executives couldn’t help but sing their praises. Their electrifying performance left the audience in awe and cemented their reputation as a must-see live act.

Video Coming Soon

In addition to the captivating audio experience, fans can look forward to a stunning visual accompaniment for “Pills and Alcohol.” Directed by the talented Alisa Daglio and filmed in the picturesque Hollywood Hills, the music video promises to be a visual feast, perfectly complementing the band’s evocative storytelling.

With their dynamic fusion of genres and lyrical depth, Outlaws and Moonshine are a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. “Pills and Alcohol” serves as a testament to their artistic growth and showcases their ability to connect with listeners on a profound level.

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