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Atreyu Shares Red Hot New Track “Watch Me Burn”

Atreyu has released a new single and announced its upcoming EP, The Hope Of A Spark. The new material is set for release on April 14 via Spinefarm. The single, titled “Watch Me Burn,” is an anthem of renewed hope emerging from life’s challenges. According to bassist Marc ‘Porter’ McKnight, the song is about being cleansed by fire and using adversity as a learning experience.

The EP, which consists of four tracks, explores reflection on the pressures, pleasures, and pains of modern life. Produced by long-time collaborator John Feldmann, each track represents a snapshot of deeply personal lived and shared experiences.

Saller explains that the overarching concept of the EP is about the seasons of life and the importance of respecting and finding positives and lessons from even the lowest moments.

Building On Previous Success

The already-released single and opening track, “Drowning,” was written as a collective effort by the band. Each member poured their own experiences into the song. Atreyu has been a driving force in the heavy music scene for over 20 years, and their music seamlessly intertwines with formative experiences for a diverse legion of dedicated listeners.

They’ve broken into the Top 10 in the Billboard 200 more than once. Two of their albums, The Curse and Lead Sails Paper Anchor have been certified gold. Expect their success to continue with the release of The Hope Of A Spark.

Diverse Influences

With inspirations ranging from pop-punk to thrash and ‘80s rock, Atreyu’s varied sound has never felt more relevant. The band is focused on the present and the future, with a mission to continue shaping and defining the rock and metal scene.

Frontman Brandon Saller, guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel, bassist Porter McKnight, and drummer Kyle Rosa are one of the most potent forces in heavy music. Catch them on a nationwide tour this spring.

Connect with Atreyu:

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Tracklist: The Hope Of A Spark EP

  1. Drowning
  2. God Devil
  3. Capital F
  4. Watch Me Burn

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