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Hunter Hayes Takes The Next Step in His Musical Evolution With “Sober”

Hunter Hayes is a true artist. He continues to push boundaries and is never content to rest on his laurels. The Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist and platinum-selling artist has released “Sober”. The song is included on his upcoming album Red Sky which is set to drop this spring.

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Hayes had this to say about the upbeat pop song. “‘Sober’ speaks to confidence and self-worth because I want to be loved as I am, without pretending to be anything else. It’s not about drinking really, it’s about many different forms of ‘intoxication’”.

“Sober” is a track that showcases the depth of his songwriting. That, and the emotional connection that he makes with his listeners. “I’m not looking for a lover, I’m just asking for a friend,” says Hayes on the track. He collaborated with Rollo (Noah Cyrus, Ava Max, Charli XCX) and Dan Gleyzer (Meghan Trainor, Madison Beer) in the studio.

Hunter Hayes Origins

Hunter Hayes embodies the type of musician that embraces change and strives to rewrite the rules. After debuting on the scene with a platinum-certified album, he has charted his own path. He’s moved from his country roots into the genre-bending world that he was destined for. It’s not always easy to break away from what’s expected of you. However, it’s this willingness to take risks that makes him such an exciting artist.

On his forthcoming new album Red Sky, the singer-songwriter is executing at the highest level of his musical career, crafting memorable melodies and instantly catchy hooks. His music is both a reflection of his influences and a product of his multi-instrumental talents. That gift is on display as he plays every instrument on his records.

Building On Previous Success

Hayes has garnered over two billion on-demand global streams since the release of his debut album. He’s also been awarded six gold and platinum-certified singles. In addition to his legendary headlining shows, he’s toured with superstars like Taylor Swift and has headlined sold-out shows across the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Hunter Hayes is always looking to push the boundaries and challenge himself, and the music that he creates is a testament to that. With “Sober,” he’s given us a song that is both thought-provoking and emotionally resonant, and that’s what makes him one of the most exciting musicians of our time. I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Connect with Hayes at his official website or follow along on Instagram and Twitter.

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