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5 Fan Reactions To How Expensive Blink 182 Concert Tickets Are

The internet has been buzzing since we learned that Tom Delong has returned to Blink 182. There’s a new song “Edging” to be excited about and a world tour planned for 2023 & 2024. One area that has fans a little confused is ticket prices.

From what we’ve gathered, many of the extremely high prices are folks (and bots?) who are attempting to re-sell tickets obtained through the official pre-sale. Tickets went on sale to the general public on Monday (10/17) at 10 AM.

Will you be attending any of Blink 182s upcoming reunion shows? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Let’s hear what the internet has to say about the ticket issue.

1. I’ve seen a few people on social media complaining about how expensive blink-182 tickets are for their upcoming tour. I guess the band didn’t take into account “All the small things,” like fans’ bank balances.
2. If these presale prices are anything to go by, my friends and I are not going to be able to afford to see my favorite band
@blink182 on their world tour next year, that’s way too expensive guys
3. the temptation to buy expensive shitty seats for blink 182 is strong
4. Blink-182 tickets being so expensive and all the good seats bought out by bots doesn’t feel very punk rock
5. @blink182 and bought tickets for the new reunion tour without hesitation yes they were expensive but worth it for me to see them again but I just found it hilarious I found my ticket stub from the first reunion tour in 2009 and paid $47.10

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