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Dirty Heads Announce Highly Anticipated 8th Studio Album

Dirty Heads are following up a recent viral sensation with the announcement of their 8th studio album. Tapping into their rock, hip-hop, and reggae roots you can expect Midnight Control to be available everywhere you listen to music on August 28th.

Dirty Heads new album "Midnight Control".
Midnight Control cover art designed by David Foral

Last summer their song “Vacation” took on a life of its own as the #VacationTransition went viral organically on Tik Tok. An unexpected development nearly four years after the release of the song, the exposure led to millions of new fans all over the globe.

Dirty Heads formed in 2006 when Dustin Bushnell (Duddy B) and Jared Walsh (Dirty J) connected as high schoolers. Percussionist Jon Olazabal joined shortly thereafter and within two years the group dropped Any Port In the Storm. The deluxe edition released in 2010 featured “Lay Me Down” with Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome. The single set a record as having the longest run on top of the chart for an indie release.

New Single

The band’s journey continues with the announcement of the new album and the release of a new single. “Heavy Water” follows up the release of a killer cover of Joe Walsh’s 1978 classic “Life’s Been Good“. When asked about the new material, singer Jared Walsh had this to say.

“Heavy Water” is a song about empowerment. Being in the water constantly from a young age, we know the power of the ocean – there is nothing more powerful or uncontrollable. “Heavy water” is a metaphor for life because when life throws something at you that’s unforeseen and uncontrollable, you will be ready for it and not let it overtake you. YOU are the heavy water and mother f*ckers better get out of your way because you are on a mission, and nothing is stopping you. Either way, you got this.”

Jared Walsh (aka Dirty J)

The Grammy-nominated Common Kings are featured on “Heavy Water” and the music video features highlights from their successful Let’s Get Kraken summer tour. Dirty Heads have more dates lined up and a series of festival shows to play before the end of the year.

For more details and ticket information visit their website. Follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok for more updates.

Tracklist: Midnight Control

  1. Island Glow
  2. Heavy Water (feat. Common Kings)
  3. Life’s Been Good
  4. Make Me
  5. Midnight Control
  6. Little Things
  7. Indigo
  8. El Dorado
  9. Shade
  10. Live Your Life

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