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Snatam Kaur’s New Album Nirankaar Available Now

Snatam Kaur is a world-renowned Yogi, singer/songwriter, and peace activist. Earning a Grammy nomination along the way, she has teamed up with a new record label for her 16th studio effort. Nirankaar is available now from Be Why Music.

The album is ideal for deep relaxation and healing as it features interpretations of sacred mantras and verses from the Sikh tradition. The album is sung in the sacred language of Gurmukhi. Snatam’s music has been played in yoga studios worldwide for more than two decades and this will undoubtedly continue with this new collection of worldly music.

Nirankaar Is Available Worldwide

Nirankaar is a collaboration with producer Ram Dass who performs on piano and vocals. Grecco Buratto is featured on guitar/vocals and Sukhmani is on tabla, percussion and vocals. Snatam’s new record label Be Why Music has had several of their artists have gone on to win Grammy Awards. Ultimately this collection of songs will most likely fly under the radar of pop culture at large. But that’s more than ok because the people that need to hear it will undoubtedly find and gravitate towards it.

Snatam will embark on a series of European tour dates that stretch through the end of June. Her Into The Light Tour will kick off this weekend in Estonia. There will be group meditation at each show. Several of the dates are at outdoor venues and the plan is to combine the healing power of nature with the chanting of sacred mantras.

For more information, you can visit her website. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram if you’d like to join Snatam’s social media community. You can also order the new album directly from her Bandcamp page.

Nirankaar Tracklist:

  1. Ongkaar Nirankaar
  2. Har Jas Gaavoh
  3. Soul Prayer
  4. Ang Sang Waaheguru
  5. Akaal
  6. Moonlight Hymn
  7. I Am
  8. Kudarat

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