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WØLFDARLING Confront Mortality On New Single “ghost empire”

Genre-bending WØLFDARLING has returned with the release of a brand new single. “ghost empire” is a strong follow up to the previously released “send the sun my way”. The introspective mid-tempo alt-rock tune is sure to evoke strong emotions from the listener when considering the intense subject matter.

According to frontman Sam Urich, he started writing the song as he was enduring a challenging time in his life nearly a decade ago. He tapped into the raw emotions that go along with confronting a life-threatening illness all while dealing with the end of a serious relationship.

You can hear my anguish, as well as my rage and terror when realizing that I was weakening by the day and had no idea how to keep myself from dying. I was sitting across from death, looking into her gorgeous, severe eyes.

-Sam Urich/Wolfdarling

A family affair on WØLFDARLING’s “ghost empire”

When we caught up with Sam last fall, he described the vibe of the band as dark bedroom alternative. You can hear elements of early influences shine through in the music. Growing up together, brothers Urich were often exposed to many of the same artists, citing everyone from The Beatles and Rolling Stones to Jimmy Eat World and Green Day was mentioned as important influences.

WØLFDARLING consists of brothers Sam and Jack Urich on guitar and bass respectively. Drummer Jason Hartless is featured on the track as well. The band worked with producer Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Tantric, Soundgarden) at Pearl Sound Studios in Michigan. As for being in a band as brothers, the duo has a hard time imagining a lifestyle without each other by the others’ side.

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