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Museum Of Light Drop “Soft Openings” Single

Seattle-based alt-rockers Museum of Light is prepping for the release of their debut album. After hearing their new single “Soft Openings”, we can’t wait to hear more from the band. Having just signed to Spartan Records, Horizon is set for release on June 10th.

Museum of Light is made up of Ted Alverez on guitar and vocals, Rob Smith on drums, and Ezekiel Rudick on bass. Several things jumped out at me when listening to “Soft Openings”. First of all, it was a one listen song, it didn’t take much to get warmed up. Some tunes can take a few listens before I latch on to them. This one, I enjoyed right out of the gate.

Second of all, I really enjoyed how they were able to balance both heavy and ambient tones. You can expect aggressive riffs mixing in with some dreamy vibes. Turns out, that was done intentionally. Alvarez had this to say.

Those would seem to be incompatible, but the more we played, the more we realized those two things could mesh, and could be incredibly appealing to us. For us, both are coming from places of joy, pleasure, and serenity as opposed to anger or rage. Don’t get us wrong — there’s plenty of wonderful aggressive music that comes from those places. But there sure is a lot of it already. This stuff should be a release to listen to and certainly to play, and that’s ultimately a positive vibe.

Ted Alvarez – Museum of Light

Rock revival?

And the final point I’d like to make; I’m ready for rock and roll to make a comeback. Bands like Museum of Light have the potential to help usher in a revival. Make no mistake, it’s early in their journey but you’ve got to start somewhere. And this potential-filled trio is a great place to start. So turn it up and don’t be afraid to wake the neighbors. We mean that in a figurative sense, not a literal one.

Horizon was recorded in Oakland, CA at Anti-Sleep Studios wth Scott Evans (Thrice, Heiress) at the helm. Feel free to pre-save the album on your favorite streaming platform here. For more information or to check out more music you can link up with Museum of Light at Bandcamp or on Facebook and Instagram.

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