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Jukebox The Ghost Collab w/Andrew McMahon On New Single “Wasted”

Piano pop trio Jukebox the Ghost has released a new single “Wasted”. The uptempo song features prolific singer/songwriter Andrew McMahon. He not only composed but sings on the track too. Along with the single, details on their upcoming sixth studio album have emerged.

This comes on the heels of the release of the first two songs off the new album Cheers. “Romona” and the title track “Cheers!” are part of a three-year recording process. Jukebox The Ghost opted to self-produce the new album which is set to be released on May 27th.

Their 2018 release Off To The Races spawned the catchy “Everybody’s Lonely” which saw airplay on radio stations across the country. While not a major hit, the song opened a lot of doors for the talented trio and set them up for a potential breakthrough with the new album and tour.

The Story Behind “Wasted”

When asked for some background on “Wasted”, singer/pianist Ben Thornewill had this to say. “It was during Hurricane Irene and after many hours of debauchery convinced my co-conspirators to walk out onto the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway at 2 am during a quiet moment in the storm. It was surreal, dangerous, stupid, and wonderful. The song is about that feeling of being young, broke, brave, and idiotic.

Jukebox The Ghost and Andrew McMahon have spent time on the road together but this is the first time they’ve collaborated on original music. As far as the vibe on the new album, combine Freddy Mercury-esque vocals with the hip-hop vibe of Twenty One Pilots. Throw in the McMahon’s piano playing influence with the energy of Walk The Moon and you’ve got Cheers. From what we’ve heard so far, this album will be well worth the three-year wait.

The teaser video was released first (below) with the official music video out now.


1. Century in the Making (intro)
2. Hey Maude
3. Wasted ft. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
4. Ramona
5. Million Dollar Bills
6. Us Against the World
7. Brass Band
8. The Machine (intro)
9. Everybody Panic
10. Move Along
11. Raise a Glass (interlude)
12. How the World Began
13. Cheers!

Jukebox The Ghost is taking the show on the road this spring and tour details can be found here. Follow along on Instagram and Twitter for updates and more information.

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