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Adams Traktor Drops Optimistic New Single “You Found A Way”

The new single from Adams Traktor is a bit of a departure from their previous work. “You Found A Way” finds songwriter JR Smith switching it up from the darker lyrics present on previous songs. Instead, the track is more of an upbeat love song. It combines elements of rock, pop, and even a hint of some 80s era synth.

Adams Traktor is a project formed by JR Smith who is originally from Seattle. While from the west coast, he has called Europe home for more than two decades. Having worked in the technology field, music has always been a major part of his existence. According to an article in Vogue, he went for a five-month job and up staying.

Smith’s goal with Adam’s Traktor is to explore and take alternative rock music to another level. On “You Found A Way” he taps into his own life experience for inspiration.

On Finding Inspiration

When someone, whether it be intentionally or accidentally, stumbles into your life that isn’t a little (or allot) dark around the edges, is consistently optimistic and upbeat, tells it like it is, knows themselves, accepts you as you are and shares your views and aspirations alongside their own, you should pay a whole lot of attention! It may not last forever.

JR Smith

Smith is joined on the track by producer/keyboardist Gregory Darling. Manny Elias and Fernando Saunders hold down the rhythm section on drums and bass, respectively. Olda Krejcoves rounds out the lineup and is featured on guitar. The track was recorded at 2Lions Studios. They’re an up-and-coming boutique studio located in the Czech Republic.

For more information and updates be sure to visit Adam’s Traktor’s website and follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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