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Top 5 Internet Headlines Related To The When We Were Young Festival

The inaugural When We Were Young Festival is officially sold out. The ensuing fan reaction to the lineup announcement nearly broke the internet. The list of bands is every emo-kid dream and will draw thousands to Las Vegas for the event in October.

Tickets started at $224 for the series of shows and the price didn’t seem to really matter much. Headliners My Chemical Romance and Paramore top a lineup that includes everyone from AFI and Taking Back Sunday to Bright Eyes and A Day To Remember. The show goes from 11 AM – 12 AM at Las Vegas Festival Grounds so make sure you stay hydrated.

We got a kick out of some of the headlines that were floating around the internet when the show was first announced so we thought we’d share.

5. ‘When We Were Young’: 5 Questions We Have About the 2000s Emo and Pop-Punk Blowout

I got all excited to read this one, had a lot of potential. However, it’s stuck behind the Rolling Stone Magazine paywall. You can read it if you have a sub, let me know how it goes.

4. People On Twitter Are Going Wild Over When We Were Young Fest, And It’s Proving That Emo Isn’t Just A Phase

Much thanks to Buzzfeed who compiled a whole bunch of Twitter reactions because the excitement on social media is massive.

3. Nostalgia Boners Ahead: The “When We Were Young” Festival Has Released Its Lineup And It Seems Too Good To Be True

Dante over at Barstool Sports dares to put ‘boners’ in the title of his article. Very edgy.


Skeptical fans are worried the show will turn into a disaster. HighSnobiety takes a deeper dive. Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

1. Band Hijacks When We Were Young Fest Web Domain, Won’t Give It Back ‘Til They’re on the Lineup

Popcrush nailed it with this story about a band who purchased a web domain in an attempt to convince promoters to add them to the show. Unfortunately, we have some bad news for I Set My Friends on Fire, they purchased which redirects to their own website. Festival organizers had the foresight to purchase So the ISMFOF guys don’t have the bargaining power they were expecting. That being said we hope it works out for them.

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