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Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park Releases Innovative NFT Ziggurats Mixtape

Leave it to Mike Shinoda to help lead the charge on NFTs for musicians with his new Ziggurats project. His new generative mixtape, a 6:45 minute music and art project went live on the Tezos blockchain and sold out in minutes. The material is on par with some of his best work with Linkin Park and is worth a listen (or 20).

The 5,000 piece NFT collection allows fans to own unique music and cover art with no two alike, all designed by Shinoda. He spent the last few years creating pieces of music and artwork for this project. He assembled different configurations of content using custom computer software. The result is thousands of one of a kind original pieces of content for fans.

We’re not going to sit here and pretend we’re experts in the NFT space. There’s still so much to learn. What’s clear is that blockchain technology is beginning to change the way musicians can interact with fans. And those who seize opportunities like Shinoda have, have an opportunity to lead the way.

The visual element of Ziggurats can be viewed in the gallery here. The audio portion of the experience can be listened to as four separate tracks on your favorite streaming platform or as one video on YouTube (below).

Ziggurats Tracklist:

  1. Genius Bar
  2. Richard Bachman
  3. Cheat Codes

The release of Ziggurats comes on the heels of one of Shinoda’s most successful solo singles to date. “Happy Endings”, featuring iann dior & USAHL, was released in February of 2021. He’s continued to excel in his post Linkin Park career. It still feels too soon to ask if he’ll ever tour/perform/record with members of Linkin Park but time will tell.

In the meantime expect more new music from Mike Shinoda soon. You can follow along on Instgram and Twitter if you like.

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