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Eat You Alive is Bringing the Best in UK Alternative to Horwich this Weekend

Alternative music fans of Bolton and beyond: you are in for quite a treat this weekend! In case you missed the news, Eat You Alive is bringing their first-ever club night to The Ramp in Horwich on Saturday, February 3rd.

This isn’t your ordinary ‘Emo Nite’. In addition to having a DJ spin all your edgy favorites until the wee hours of the morning, Eat You Alive has also booked a stacked line-up of some of the hottest acts in UK alternative scenes and stocked the club with all sorts of goodies for you to enjoy.

Need the details? We got you covered.

Eat You Alive Presents…

Who: Eat You Alive x MAD HAÜS present their first-ever alternative music night, featuring live music from Hametsü, Pageant Mum, Octopus Montage, and KID BRUNSWICK, followed by a DJ set spinning all the classics from rock, metal, pop-punk and emo spaces.

What: a night celebrating alternative music, as curated by THE HARA’s own Zack Breen and Josh Taylor.

Of-age attendees will be met with a free shot of THE HARA’s ‘Rockstar’ branded vodka upon entry.

Attendees will be able to purchase hot, savory pasties from the revered Bolton-based bakery, Carrs Pastiescan you say “party fuel”?

When: Saturday, February 3rd, 2024. The event begins at 8pm, but the music will go on until 2am the next day.

Where: The Ramp, a new music venue in Horwich; if you need directions, Eat You Alive put together this handy travel guide for you.

Why: A fun-filled night featuring the best of alternative music, curated by experts–that’s why!

Get your tickets here.

Eat You Alive Presents… Live Music!

Take some time and get to know each of the live performers ahead of the show.

Below, you will find general information about each artist and links to their music via Spotify.

Pageant Mum

About Pageant Mum: “Wear your heart on your sleeve kids! And Pageant Mum do just that! They leave nothing behind with their post hardcore punky angst, driven guitars and feisty truthful lyrical content. 
 When you figure out that this comes from a group of teenagers, Pageant Mum suddenly become your new favourite band: one to follow, one to celebrate and one to champion. 

Live they are a force of nature. On record, their heart is laid bare and the angular twists and turns of Fugazi meet Paramore meet The Bronx resonate throughout ensuring that the latest fan shares their journey. This fan base grows and grows rapidly so if you wanna hear and see what’s next, strap in for the ride of your life with the next big post hardcore rock n roll band on the planet.
 Get involved in the revolution with Pageant Mum.” (via Spotify bio)


About Hametsü: “Hametsü, the name taken from a Japanese word meaning ‘Doom’, are a Manchester based heavy metal quartet focused on creating brutal but forward-thinking music. Taking inspiration from a wide range of metal subgenres such as, Thrash, Prog and Death Metal, Hametsü present a new and unique flavour to the metal scene, showing no sense of apprehension toward experimenting with their sound and warping the boundaries of the metal genre. Taking inspiration from a wide range of bands such as Gojira, Death and Opeth as well as taking influence from different genres entirely, they have managed to craft their own unique sound in a now saturated industry.

Hametsü are comprised by members: Matthew Mason (Lead Guitar), Tim Garner (Vocals + Bass), Matthew Allwood (Rhythm Guitar) and Kyle Fulton (Drums) who all contribute to every aspect of the band’s artistry weather that be: the instrumentation, the lyricism or the cover art. Their newest single ‘.45’, named after the ammunition used by the colt pistol, has a focus on technical guitar riffs and complex song structure without losing the raw savagery of the genres roots. The anti-war lyrics, written with a sense of satire and irony, discuss the impacts of war on people and the countries that start the wars.” (via Spotify bio)

Octopus Montage

About Octopus Montage: “6 years on from their debut release, Octopus Montage are almost unrecognisable from who they once were. Relishing in their distinctive sound, pivoting between Pop-Punk and Deathcore, the 4 piece have gained worldwide recognition almost unmatched by any other underground band.

With over 20 million Spotify streams alone, and having been featured in/on the likes of RockSound, BBC Radio 1, AltPress, Loudwire and many others, along with sharing stages with the likes of Cabin Boy Jumped ShipROAMThe Bunny The Bear,Mallory Knox ,Crazy Town and most recently Eyes Set To Kill, [2024] is sure to be an eventful year for band, regardless of where they choose to take themselves.” (via Spotify bio)


About KID BRUNSWICK: “…from playing sold out headline shows across the UK to playing some of the biggest festival stages including Reading & Leeds and Download festival, [Kid Brunswick’s] music has amassed millions of streams and EAT YOU ALIVE on 3rd February will be his first show back for 2024 with his new music.” (via Eat You Alive post)

KID BRUNSWICK recently teased the completion of his next project, which is a direct follow-up to his 2023 release, The Fall: Part 1. He was also just announced as the opener of the BBC1 stage at this year’s Reeding & Leeds festival (Friday and Saturday).

The After-Party

In case four live acts aren’t enough to sate your appetite for alternative music–good news! The party will keep going well into the night with the freshly-announced Superstar DJ (Zack) Breen, who will be spinning all of the emo classics, new and old. You can anticipate bangers from the likes of THE HARA, Enter Shikari, Slipknot, Sum 41, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, and so much more…

Do you have a favorite song that you absolutely need to hear in the club this weekend?

Check out this Instagram post where you can alert Eat You Alive’s curators of any song requests you may have.

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