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House of Harm Announces Playground: A Sonic Journey of Shadow-Pop

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In a revelation for fans of the buzzworthy three-piece group House of Harm, album news has dropped. Their latest album Playground is set for release on December 1st. This new record sees them expanding on their signature shadow-pop sound. You’ll hear blending of midnight atmospherics, ’90s jangle pop vibes, and catchy synth hooks.

Alongside vocalist Michael Rocheford, House of Harm features Cooper Leardi (guitar/synths) and Tyler Kershaw (guitar/synth). Together, they’ve cultivated a dedicated and growing fanbase, selling out shows on both coasts purely through the power of word-of-mouth.

New Single

In conjunction with the album announcement, House of Harm has released a new single and music video for “Roseglass.” An interesting departure from their past videos, “Roseglass” was shot in a public marketplace in southeastern Massachusetts.

Rocheford reveals that the track is about “the human cycle of putting yourself into situations where you feel like you’re an intruder for the sake of a better outcome later.” The discomfort of being scrutinized by passersby during the video shoot feeds into this theme, giving us a glimpse into the band’s exploration of unsettling public exhibitionism.

To lead up to the release of Playground on December 1st, House of Harm will return to the stage. Having already performed shows in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston, visit their website for additional updates.

Behind The Music

House of Harm’s journey is as intriguing as their music. As Rocheford notes, “Something must have gone wrong in the developmental stages of our youth.” The band members have been drawn to music since they can remember and were all drawn to Boston after high school to be around like-minded artists and make their own noise. They’ve quietly but persistently made a name for themselves among fans of darker pop through a steady stream of releases in various formats.

“We try to keep our heads down and focus on the art and what’s directly in front of us,” Rocheford says. Their commitment to craftsmanship over instant gratification seems to be paying off after years of effort. As Rocheford marvels at seeing fans sing along to their songs in far-off places like LA.


Playground was a labor of love that saw the band sticking to their artistic ethos. Rocheford explains, “We started writing songs for the album in 2021 and actually had about 75 to choose from by 2022.” Meticulously whittling down the selection to a concise 10 tracks that could stand alone and create a cohesive musical world for listeners.

House of Harm can’t wait for fans to experience “Playground” in its entirety come December 1st. In the coming months, they eagerly anticipate sharing these new songs live with their audiences. With their captivating blend of shadow-pop and a penchant for pushing sonic boundaries, House of Harm is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene with this album.

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