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The Veer Union & Jody Black Drop Hard Rock Billie Eilish Cover

Vancouver, Canada’s very own alt-rock sensation The Veer Union is back and bolder than ever. They’ve teamed up with label-mate Jody Black to deliver a stunning rendition of Billie Eilish’s haunting 2019 hit, “You Should See Me in a Crown.” The track was produced by the band’s lead vocalist, Crispin Earl, and directed by the talented Julien Bouffard. The revamped single takes the dark emotions of the original and injects it with new raw energy.

The band’s upcoming album, Covers Collection Vol.2, is slated for release on September 1, 2023, on Rock Shop Records.

Challenging Cover

The Veer Union’s decision to tackle Billie Eilish’s shadowy anthem presented a challenge they met head-on. In their words, “You Should See Me In A Crown” proved too unique to simply replicate. Which ultimately led them to create their own remarkable interpretation. The result is their heaviest release yet, showcasing their ability to reimagine a track while maintaining its emotional intensity.

Collaborating with fellow label mate Jody Black was a joy for the band, enriching the collaborative spirit that defines this rendition. It’s an experience they’ll forever treasure, as captured by the band’s frontman: “Collaborating with our good friend and label mate, Jody Black, was an absolute pleasure, and his contributions enriched the entire experience, making it a moment of collaborative unity that we will forever cherish.”

Getting To Know The Veer Union

With a rich history dating back to its formation in 2004, The Veer Union hails from the vibrant rock scene of Vancouver. They broke through in 2006 with a top 10 rock hit called “Seasons” in the USA and Canada under a deal with Universal Records,

Their discography includes the 2018 album Decade II, whose standout track “Living Not Alive” reached the Billboard Charts Top 40 in the US, accumulating millions of streams and views. The bands’ innovation didn’t stop there. After a successful period of touring and the release of “Covers Collection Vol.1,” they’ve reached new heights with their album “Manifestations” and the ongoing release of covers from their upcoming Covers Collection Vol.2.

As they redefine familiar hits with their signature flair, fans can anticipate the full release of “Covers Collection Vol.2” later this summer, followed by an album of original tracks in 2024. Stay tuned as THE VEER UNION keeps rocking the scene, reinventing classics, and forging its path in the world of rock.

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