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New Music Video: Explosive Windwaker Anthem “SIRENS”

It’s rare for a new band to make me immediately feel nostalgic towards their music–but that’s exactly what Windwaker did with their anthemic new single, “SIRENS”.

Listening to Windwaker’s music for the first time made me feel like I was sixteen again, but in all the best ways. It’s almost as if they took everything that I loved about a typical Warped Tour lineup and distilled it down, yet still made it sound fresh somehow.

See for yourself–

Catch the video for “SIRENS” by Windwaker on YouTube now:

There’s something deliciously melodic about “SIRENS” that I can’t get enough of. However, don’t let the contagious melodies fool you–this song is just as hard and in-your-face as others within metalcore-and-related spaces.

Speaking on the fierce new song, the band explains, “‘SIRENS’ is a track about manipulation and chaos. It’s about the multitude of voices we hear every day that have the power to mislead us, divide us, or unite us and the dangers we encounter when we are ill-informed. It captures Windwaker’s signature balance of hard-hitting heavy sensibility with catchy and infectious melodies. When we first wrote it, it instantly had an energy that we loved, and we are so excited to share it with the world.”

Much like with a siren’s song, “SIRENS” by Windwaker is going to get stuck in your head before you know it–and perhaps you will find yourself singing along to words you didn’t realize you had already learned, too. (That was my experience, anyway).

Unlike with an actual siren, though… you’ll have a great, non-life-threatening time listening to this song, I promise.

Windwaker is on tour now!

Australia-based fans will be able to catch Windwaker on tour with Caskets and alt. this month.

Speaking on the upcoming tour, the band shares, “We’re very excited to be bringing out Caskets for their Australian live debut and hitting the road again with our friends in alt. We’ll be playing songs from Love Language that we haven’t performed yet (yes, that means ‘Trenches’), some old favourites (‘Empire’ never dies) and maybe even a cheeky newbie… We’re giving fans an opportunity to experience our songs in their phattest forms yet with our largest live production to date. This will be Windwaker at our absolute best.”

Windwaker July 2023 tour dates:

7/20 — Perth — Lynotts Lounge
7/21 — Adelaide — Uni Bar
7/22 — Melbourne — Max Watts
7/27 — Brisbane — Brightside Outdoors (upgrade)
7/28 — Newcastle — Hamilton Station Hotel
7/29 — Sydney — Crowbar 

Get tickets here.

Want more Windwaker? Try out their 2022 album, Love Language, out on Fearless Records.

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