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Tarah Who? Delivers Emotional Tribute With “Sell It To The World”

Los Angeles-based rockers Tarah Who? have released their latest single and lyric video for “Sell It To The World.” Known for their fearless and thought-provoking lyrics, Tarah G. Carpenter (vocals, guitar, backing vocals) and Coralie Herve (drums) continue to captivate audiences with their raw and impassioned musical style. With this release, Tarah Who? pays homage to artists worldwide who find themselves working day jobs to sustain their passion for their craft.

The Message behind “Sell It To The World”

With “Sell It To The World,” Tarah draws from her own experiences and those of countless artists who struggle to make ends meet solely from their art. This powerful dedication acknowledges the sacrifices artists make, refusing to compromise their creative drive for financial stability. The song resonates with individuals who can relate to the struggle of depending on their craft and passion to survive.

The accompanying music video for “Sell It To The World” takes the form of a lyric video, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the heartfelt message conveyed by Tarah Who?’s lyrics. By emphasizing the simple yet poignant story of an artist’s yearning for a life sustained by their art, the band ensures that the focus remains on the song’s emotional impact.

Collaboration and Production

“Sell It To The World” was written by Tarah G. Carpenter and produced by Jason Orme and Tarah G. Carpenter herself. This collaboration brings together the distinct talents of each individual, resulting in a track that perfectly captures the essence of Tarah Who?’s signature sound.

Born in France, Tarah G. Carpenter’s musical journey began at the age of 14 when she started playing the drums. Ignoring societal expectations, she pursued her passion for music, expanding her skill set to include bass, guitar, singing, songwriting, and producing. In 2006, she made the life-changing decision to move to Los Angeles, where she unveiled her solo project, Tarah Who?, during a warehouse party discovered through Craigslist. From that point on, Tarah and Coralie have been tirelessly sharing their music with audiences around the world.

Tarah Who? has built a reputation for its explosive live performances, captivating audiences of all sizes. Their energetic and raw shows have taken them to renowned music festivals such as Hellfest and the Wheels & Waves Motorcycle Festival in France. Alongside their rigorous touring schedule, Tarah has released multiple full-length albums, EPs, and a punk-infused rock single. Their music has received widespread recognition, with features in notable publications including Rolling Stone France, Voici, Tatouage Magazine, GIG Radar, and many more.

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