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New Mayday Parade: ‘More Like A Crash’ Hits Hard

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Tallahassee-based Mayday Parade is back with its latest single, “More Like A Crash.” This marks their first release since their 2021 album What It Means to Fall Apart. The song delves into the chaos and pain of endings, particularly in personal relationships, capturing the sense of being lost in the wreckage.

After fulfilling their record deal, Mayday Parade decided to take control of their music careers, operating on their own terms and timeline. This move brings them back to a space they haven’t fully occupied since their self-released debut EP. This newfound flexibility allows the band to prioritize their personal lives while providing more freedom and control over their music. They aim to release new music more consistently rather than dropping albums every few years, giving each song the opportunity to stand on its own.

Mayday Parade has been meticulous in selecting which songs to record and release. They take their time, ensuring that each track is ready before entering the studio. According to Jeremy Lenzo, they sometimes sit on ideas until they fully develop. The band wanted their new material to have an energetic and angsty feel, while still showcasing their emotional flair.

Getting To Know Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade consists of Derek Sanders (Vocals, Keys), Alex Garcia (Guitar), Brooks Betts (Guitar), Jeremy Lenzo (Bass), and Jake Brundrick (Vocals, Drums).

Approaching two decades together, Mayday Parade cherishes its longevity as a band. They attribute their enduring success to the strong friendship they’ve maintained since high school. Music is not just a job for them; it’s their passion. They are committed to nurturing their creative process by giving it the attention it deserves.

Exciting times lie ahead for Mayday Parade, as they prepare to release more new music and embark on an extensive summer tour. The band is eager to share their enthusiasm with fans, as they believe these new songs truly stand out. They thrive on the vibrant energy of summer tours and look forward to being a part of their fans’ experiences this season.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to catch their electrifying performances and listen to their latest single, “More Like A Crash.”

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