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Alice In Chains Vocalist Joins Mongolian Rock Sensations The Hu

Credit: Khishigsuren Baasan

Mongolian rock band, The Hu, recently released a new version of their hit single “This Is Mongol.” The updated track, called “This Is Mongol (Warrior Souls),” features guest vocalist and guitarist William DuVall of Alice in Chains. Along with the guest appearance the new version includes English-translated lyrics sung by DuVall, who also produced and mixed the single.

The song promotes Mongolian culture and environmental awareness, and the message is further emphasized in the music video. The video was co-directed by Michael Lombardi and includes an exclusive sneak peek of the 2022 horror-thriller film, The Retaliators, in which The Hu appeared and provided music for the soundtrack.

Collaborating With The Hu

Temka, The Hu’s tovshuur player and backing vocalist, expressed excitement about performing the song with DuVall. “The song is about the warrior souls that are within us, and its purpose is to inspire you and awaken your soul. We hope everyone enjoys this piece of art.” DuVall shared that it was a challenging but fulfilling experience. He helped to write and produce the song while attempting to remain true to The Hu’s style.

Lombardi spoke about working with The Hu and the inspiration behind the video, saying that The Hu’s music is a reflection of their artistic process and approach to their craft with professionalism, courage, and infectious energy.

Global Recognition

The Hu has achieved global success, with sold-out tours across the world and appearances at a number of world-class music festivals. On March 3, The Hu will perform their first-ever virtual concert in the metaverse, in partnership with ARD Financial Group. Throughout the show, fans will experience a virtual world created by METAFORSE that highlights Mongolia and its traditions, which The Hu has shared through their music.

The Hu is the first-ever rock/metal band to receive the prestigious UNESCO “Artist of Peace” designation. Their music is a testament to their commitment to promoting Mongolian culture and environmental awareness. For more information visit their official website here. Follow along on Instagram and Twitter for additional updates.

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