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Cubeta’s New Album APOE: A Personal Journey of Memory and Self-Discovery

Brooklyn-based musician, songwriter, and producer Chris Cubeta has been a mainstay in the music scene for nearly two decades. As part owner of Studio G Brooklyn, he’s worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. While collaborating with artists like A Great Big World, Michael Stipe, Jason Mraz, and Emily King, he has honed his craft as a true artist.

But his latest project represents a leap forward into uncharted territory. APOE is named after a genotype linked to Alzheimer’s disease. The album is a reflection of Cubeta’s personal journey of self-discovery and the impact of memory on our lives. The project is deeply introspective and filled with personal exploration. His mother was diagnosed with the terrible disease at a very young age.

This record was necessary because I truly feel best when I’m writing and recording material that means something to me. The craft of songwriting and music-making is a way for me to make something that makes some sense but is also still abstract. I guess my hope is that the writing and the recordings combine to make sense to someone else.

-Chris Cubeta

Chris Cubeta In the Studio

Cubeta wrote, performed, produced, and mixed most of the album himself. And, despite its heavy themes, the album is layered with kaleidoscopic soundscapes. In part, thanks to contributions from renowned musicians like Rob Moose and Gary Atturio. As a self-described ‘rhythmic songwriter,’ Cubeta’s experimentation with unique drum sounds and grooves is the perfect companion to the album’s introspective dive into open-ended questions.

With the release of the new infectious single “Vicious” ahead of the release of APOE, Cubeta has put the world on notice that he has a message and he’s here to share. The upbeat catchy number seems to get better each time you listen (the best songs seem to grow with you). In the end, for Cubeta, the craft of songwriting and music-making is a way to make sense of the abstract. He hopes that his writing and recordings will do the same for others.

For updates and more information visit Chris’ official website here.

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