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The Stone Foxes Drop Standout “Time Is A Killer” Single

San Francisco-based rock band The Stone Foxes have unveiled a ‘killer’ new single. “Time Is A Killer” is set to appear on the upcoming release of On The Other Side. The album drops on November 18th and is their first in more than six years.

Artwork: Spence Koehler

The Stone Foxes consist of the Koehler brothers with Shannon on vocals, drums, and harmonica and Spence on guitar and vocals. On The Other Side is described as a ‘cinematic western rock & roll soundtrack to pull you through when the journey gets rough’.

Time Is A Killer

We’re hearing a variety of influences on the new track “Time Is A Killer”. While the Black Keys and Jack White influence shines through, they’ve carved out a vibe that’s all their own. When it comes to the meaning behind the track, things get a little heavy.

The lyrical theme came from the idea of mother nature being a character – a stone cold killer – which she is. Mother nature doesn’t play games. Mother nature will auto-correct our foolishness. And after a certain amount of time, Mother Nature will move on without us if we don’t get wise.

Shannon Koehler

The Fox Den

Along with the new single and album announcement, the band has launched a new fan club. Members of The Fox Den will receive early access to On The Other Side along with exclusive demos, merch, and access to listening parties.

Fans can even have their names listed in the album liner notes and receive handwritten song lyrics from Shannon and/or Spence. Memberships start at $30 and are a good way to support their ongoing creative efforts.

For more information connect with The Stone Foxes at their website or follow along on Instagram and Twitter.

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