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The ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ Hit The Floor This Weekend at Theaters Nationwide (Review)

‘Bodies Bodies Bodies,’ the latest release from A24, is a perfect pick if you’re looking to get in some jump scares before the summer ends.

Let’s get one thing clear – this is not a slasher film. Just seeing the company’s logo up top should give you an indication that this is something more unexpected.

‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ expands nationwide this weekend. (A24)

The Story

In this wild satirical whodunit directed by Halina Reijn, a bunch of filthy rich kids plan a hurricane party at remote family mansion.

Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) is a recovering addict. She hits the road with her girlfriend Bee (Maria Bakalova) to head out to a gigantic house where her best friend David (Pete Davidson) is hosting friends to weather a massive storm. Upon arrival, it’s clear that Sophie and Bee were unexpected. Tensions are high and everybody there is already getting drunk and taking drugs.

It’s a reunion of sorts with Sophie seeing lots of friends she has been avoiding like Alice (Rachel Sennott) who is there with her much older boyfriend Greg (Lee Pace). Also in attendance are Jordan (Myha’la Herrold) and Emma (Chase Sui Wonders).

By the time the hurricane ramps up and the power goes on, the group decides to play a game where one person is secretly the “murderer” and everybody has to guess who it is.

The only problem? One of them ends up actually dead on the back porch with their throat slit open. From then on, with alcohol and drug-fueled impairments running high, it’s a free-for-all of accusations and hysterics.

Superbly shot and packed with a killer soundtrack, this is a lot of fun to watch with a crowd. There is one scene in particular that features Azealia Banks’ “212.” It was extraordinary to hear that iconic beat pounding through the theatrical speaker system with the film’s disorienting imagery.

Whether or not you figure out the plot twists in advance, this is a hell of a lot of fun as it unfolds. The actors are all so perfectly cast and Sennott, following up her brilliant turn in ‘Shiva Baby,’ proves to be the true MVP.


If I had the chance to program this in a horror double feature, I’d pair it with 1986’s ‘April Fool’s Day.’ But, my dream would be to throw it onto a marquee with Parker Posey’s iconic performance in 1997’s ‘The House of Yes,‘ which also features wild events that take place in a house locked down for an incoming hurricane.

Feeling adventurous after you check it out this weekend? The former is currently streaming on Showtime and Pluto TV, while the latter can be rented from any digital provider.

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How to Watch

‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ expands to theaters nationwide today.