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Interview: Clyde & Gracie From The Band Lawrence

Lawrence has experienced a lot of firsts this year. First performance on national late-night television, their first Coachella performance and they’re just getting warmed up. They’ll be closing out the year in style with a trio of festival-style shows at Brooklyn Steel but more on that in a few moments. We had a chance interview Lawrence and catch up with Clyde and Gracie. Here’s what they had to say.

On The Success of “Don’t Lose Sight”

While Lawrence released “Don’t Lose Sight” as a single in 2021, it’s been taken to a different level of success. The acoustic version went viral earlier this year. And millions of views and streams later, the song has been exposed to a whole new audience. You may also have seen/heard it in a recent Microsoft commercial. Here’s what Clyde and Gracie had to say about the first time they heard it as part of the campaign.

Connecting With Fans Through Social Media

Admittedly I discovered Lawrence during a late-night scrolling session through Tik Tok. I came across the video and was instantly hooked when I heard “Don’t Lose Sight”. Here’s what Clyde and Gracie had to say about connecting with fans through social media.

First Coachella Performance

In April Lawrence performed at their first Coachella. The high-energy sets were well received and they were fun for both the band and the audience. Here’s what Gracie had to say about the performance.

What’s Next & Staycation at Brooklyn Steel

Lawrence recently wrapped up the Sounds of Summer co-headlining tour with Misterwives. They have been writing new material but can’t divulge any information on that front which we fully respect. We were very excited to learn more about the upcoming Staycation shows at Brooklyn Steel this November.

For additional information on Staycation and upcoming shows visit the Lawrence website. Or follow along on Tik Tok, Twitter, and Instagram to connect directly.

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