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Interview: Echlo’s “Soul Savant” Music Video Debut

The elegant dark pop track “Soul Savant” by Echlo was recently released to the public. Now, the visually stunning music video for the song has debuted and is worth experiencing.

With stories about her experimentation with polyamory, anti-establishment tales that some might consider conspiracies, the inability to commit to one love, the rejection of modern media and propaganda, and the conviction that mental illness is a sane response to a sick society, ECHLO is determined to push back against the expectations of an all-too-often inhumane society.

We recently caught up with her to gain some insight into the inspiration behind the song, more details on the video itself, and when we can expect the new album to be released. Stay in touch with Echlo by following along on Instagram and Twitter or by visiting her website here.

1. You’re originally from Toronto, how did your journey lead you to Mexico?

My grandfather, John Richmond, was an artist. He lived half the year in Mexico and not surprisingly, was greatly inspired by the culture and colors of Mexico. I grew up hearing about it all my life and being surrounded by it through his works.

The first winter of the pandemic I had a toddler and was pregnant. There were no programs for kids, and other than getting bundled up and walking back and forth to the park, there was little to do. The following fall when we realized it was going to be more of the same, we decided to find the sun and give our kids and ourselves a better winter. We fell in love with Merida which is in the Yucatan peninsula. It’s so beautiful, safe, full of culture, and only 30 min to the beach.

2. What is the inspiration behind “Soul Savant”?

When I met my spouse, everything happened at lightning speed. It was as if our souls knew each other and our DNA knew we were meant to be together. We were both taken for a ride that our rational minds seemed to watch from the backseat. I’d never met anyone who intuitively knew me on such a deep level and was able to speak my soul’s language.

3. The video for Soul Savant is visually stunning, can you tell me more about the concept behind it?

Thank you. I love visual arts, particularly motion graphics, so I have decided that rather than creating standard music videos I will collaborate with artists on all videos going forward. I fell upon Artur Gadzhiev’s digital creations on Instagram and they entranced me. His videos are so mesmerizing and I wanted to get lost in them. The video he created for Soul Savant is exactly the perfect visual accompaniment for the audio and meaning of the song, the otherworldly fabric, dancing to flickers of light.

4. Looking forward to the release of your new album I Was I. How is that coming along and when can we expect that to be released to the public?

It’s actually finished. We are releasing one song at a time, culminating in a full album likely by early next year.

5. What can you tell us about the inspiration behind the title of your new album?

It refers to the evolution of the self. I am different than I was but I am still me and though I have changed, I am proud of who I was, who I am, and where I am going.

6. Your song “Beautifully Cruel” was recently featured in the Netflix show Elite. How did that connection come about?

I have an excellent sync agent who pitched to Elite and luckily the music supervisor thought it was a perfect fit for a very dramatic scene closing out episode 6 of season 5.

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