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With The Punches Deliver With New EP Discontent

After more than nine years, the beloved pop-punk band With The Punches is back. They’ve delivered with the release of their new EP Discontent. They’ll be supporting the album with a run of shows that includes an appearance on the Mutant League Records 10th Anniversary tour. The July 2nd date features performances from Settle Your Scores, Chief State and Wilmette! at Subterranean in Chicago.

With The Punches initially formed in 2008 before going on hiatus a few years later. They released three EPs and one full-length album during their initial run as a band. Despite their extended performing hiatus, they never stopped writing music.

According to guitarist Dustin Wallace, they’d write and pass a demo around every few weeks. There wasn’t any real sense of urgency to it with band members trying to focus on their lives outside of the music business.

With The Punches: Time To Hit The Studio

Then in 2019, the band did their first weekeneder since 2013 and that seem to spark the urgency that had been missing. From there they started talking more seriously about recording songs. They scheduled time in a New Paltz, NY studio in March of that year. Working with Brendan Williams at Gain Stage Studios, the band had something special on their hands.

However, the timing was unfortunate because a COVID lockdown followed shortly thereafter and much was put on hold. They were able to track most of the album during those sessions. After some additional work on the EP, Nate from Mutant League Records reached out. And the rest, as they say, is history.

“Almost Everything” is the latest release from Discontent. The track follows up “Stoneham Blues” which dropped in April. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram for additional updates from With The Punches.

Discontent Tracklist

1. Stoneham Blues

2. Discontent

3. Mirage

4. Almost Everything

5. Path Dependent

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