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Americana Duo The HawtThorns to Release Tarot Cards & Shooting Stars February 25th

The new year is shaping up nicely for new music releases and on February 25th we can expect a new album from husband/wife Americana duo The HawThorns. The album, Tarot Cards & Shooting Stars is set to drop on Mule Kick Records.

When you combine the lush vocal harmonies, sun-kissed songwriting, and versatile guitar work of K.P. and Johnny Hawthorn, the result is something special. Spending time in both Nashville and Los Angeles to record the album, it also serves as a nod to both sides of the group’s geographic and musical roots.

K.P and Johnny came together to form The HawThornes with accomplished careers of their own already under their belt. K.P., a nationally tour artist with CALICO and her own solo work, and Hawthorn, a multi-instrumentalist who’d shared the stage with the likes of Toad the Wet Sproket, Everclear, and others. It wasn’t long before they discovered a deeper connection and married.

Tarot Cards & Shooting Stars is their second collection of ‘hook-driven country rock and amplified Americana’ from the duo. The album finds them embracing their new home in Los Angeles while keeping grounded with their roots. Stand-out tracks to dial in on include the gospel-soul influenced “Let’s Get Together” and “On The Way”.

K.P. and Hawthorn are dedicated to their craft and have carved out a new beginning with the HawThornes. Be sure to follow along on their website and Instagram for more updates.

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