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LMNOP Set To Release New Album Inspired By Goats, Milkshakes & More

The new album from LMNOP is likely to be an eye & ear catcher. whatNOP will contain 16 original songs about goats, RMAS, milkshakes, benches & more. Having just been introduced to the artist, I’m completely sucked in.

LMNOP is the solo project of Babysue zine comic artist Steve Fievet, also known as dOWN7. Keep your eyes peeled for a July 16 release. The first single ‘Nuclear Trust’ is out now.

LMNOP’s “…deceptively sweet vocal style and fondness for near-bubblegum melodies partially hides about the most twisted, perverse sense of humor in rock & roll history.

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dOWN7 had this to say about the project… ‘this album is a surefire upbeat kinda thing that will make everyone feel totally wild and groovy while simultaneously solving all problems that currently exist in our world. An extensive number of super famous musical legends wanted to play on whatNOP dONW7 but they were all turned away because they weren’t quite famous enough.’

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