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Multi-talented Musician Greg Amici Drops New Single ‘Jennifer’

New Jersey-based musician, writer & actor Greg Amici has released a new single from his forthcoming album Tragicomic. He’s opted to go with a cover of the Bert Sommer classic ‘Jennifer’.

Amici has assembled a talented group of musicians to play on the song including James Mastro (acoustic/electric guitars, bass, mellotron), Tommy Aboussleman (acoustic guitar), Joe August Gentile (backing vocals), Renee LoBlue (backing vocals) and Ray Ketchem (drums, percussion).

Bert Sommer seemed to be on his way to stardom, he was young, incredibly good-looking and had a wonderful tenor voice. He then had a run of bad luck in the music business. It began when he was cut from the Woodstock movie because he was on a the ‘wrong label.’ His live version of ‘Jennifer’ at Woodstock is fantastic, but, like Bert, relatively unknown.


The track was produced by Mastro at Magic Door Recording. He’s worked with everyone from Mott the Hoople, to Patti Smith to the Jayhawks. Amici was inspired to cover the track after learning the compelling story behind the song.

‘Jennifer’ follows Tragicomic’s first single ‘Remedy‘. For updates be sure to follow Greg on Twitter and Instagram.

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