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‘Quantum Physics’ Is An Ode To Potential Love And All That Comes With It

If falling in love was painless and easy, then we would let ourselves do it more. Ruby Waters released her album “If It Comes Down to It” in 2020, featuring her most-streamed song “Quantum Physics” and many other gems. With over 210,000 monthly listeners, Ruby is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. Her music is streaming over 3 million on Spotify and her music videos are story-driven and mesmerizing.

“Quantum Physics” is a story about letting love in and feeling all of the pain and fear that comes with it. Through beautiful lyricism, Ruby conveys the good and bad emotions that arise from being vulnerable and open to another. Her lyrics are somewhat abstract in nature and in combination with her melodic choices go straight into the listener’s heart. This is the type of single that you can listen to every morning and feel as though you hear it for the first time.

Starting off the song with “It’s easy to lose it, easy to lose it all. You can’t always choose it, I had a couple of wins, I had a couple of falls” was a bold and brilliant move, catching the ear of those who feel deeply and relate to the fear of the unknown that can come from letting ourselves love another person. The simplicity in the production is one of the most special aspects of the single. The guitar-strum pattern, the tone and intention within her vocals, and the background vocals that are pure ear-candy all draw the listener in and create a melancholy, almost nostalgic vibe.

Take a moment of your day and listen to “Quantum Physics” by Ruby Waters. Remember that falling in love isn’t always easy and takes time to find the right person for it. Once you listen and hear the beauty in Ruby’s voice and music, take a look at the rest of her album and her latest single, “Blow”.

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