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Em Beihold Released “Groundhog Day” At The Moment We Needed It Most

Summer has begun and for most of us recent graduates, a looming question of “what now?” comes to the surface. Em Beihold, a 22-year-old singer-songwriter, is able to relate to every single person feeling stuck after this enormous change in their lives through her on-point lyricism and catchy
melodies. She experienced tremendous success after her debut EP release, which included a song titled “Not Who We Were”, which went on to be featured in the indie film I’m Not Here starring the talented J.K. Simmons. Em continued to grow and attract many listeners as she released “City of Angels” in July 2020, which went viral on TikTok.

Her music is now receiving millions of streams and a little over 480K listeners each month. Her most recent single, “Groundhog Day”, exploded after she posted the first verse on TikTok and received over 19 million streams.

Em Beihold conveys her intention within her beautiful tone of voice
and clearly has an immense passion for all of her creations. “Groundhog
Day” is not only catchy to the ear but also carries an extremely
important message with it. The verse that caused this song to
become a viral sensation states “all my friends are movin’ on, gettin’
hitched and then they’re gone, and I’m alone, all alone. I’m in the same
room as before with mom and dad right next door and I’m scared I might
be here forever, I love them but some ties need to be severed.”

Making Connections

With such simplistic and direct writing, Em is able to connect to many and make us all feel heard. It isn’t easy figuring out our life’s purpose and sometimes all we need is to feel like we are not alone in this struggle. The staccato piano rhythm is a perfect platform for the vocal melodies to shine and transition into the gripping pre-chorus which completely slows the song
down and at the same time builds it up to explode with the drums in the chorus.

Em shows us her ability to relate and be a friend through her music as well as her incredible talent. With so many changes happening in our lives, take a listen to “Groundhog Day” to remind yourself that at the end of the day, you are not alone! Keep an eye out for more releases from Em Beihold, she is undeniably a star.

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