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Guitar Virtuoso Robben Ford Announces Late Summer Album Release

Widely known for his work with performers like Joni Mitchell, George Harrison and Phil Lesh, five-time Grammy nominee Robben Ford will release a new album of instrumental material on August 27.

Pure is his first collection of instrumental music since 1997’s Tiger Walk. The album features nine tracks with hints of jazz, blues, and rock & roll. The talented Nate Smith, Toss Panos, and Shannon Forest are all featured on the record. Ford states this new project is unlike anything he’s ever done and could be the most complete representation of his musical vision to date.

I had to shape this new music myself from the ground up. My engineer and co-producer, Casey Wasner, proved invaluable in making that happen and most of the music you’ll hear in this recording was accomplished by the two of us working together in his studio, Purple House.

-Robben Ford

It’s worth mentioning that Ford is dedicated to passing along the musical and industry knowledge he’s acquired over the last 40 years with his Guitar Dojo. A site featuring a number of instructional and informational videos.

The new single White Rock Beer is available now and the album can be pre-ordered here. For updates follow Robben on Instagram or Twitter.

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