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Saturday Night Concert Attended By 5,000 Doubles As COVID-19 Experiment

An estimated 5,000 music fans came together Saturday night for a rock and roll show. Normally this type of event is pretty common but in a world grappling with the effects of a pandemic, we haven’t seen many large events like this over the past year.

CBS News reports the concert took place with an intended goal of seeing if outbreaks at large gatherings could be prevented. The show took place in Barcelona at Palau Saint Jordi and featured the band Love of Lesbian. Attendees were instructed to take COVID tests earlier in the day and needed to prove a negative result to gain entry. Once inside the only regulation was that masks were to be worn as provided by those organizing the event.

So now, over the next 10-14 days those who went to the concert will be monitored for any traces of the virus. The results of this study could have a huge impact on whether we see more shows this year or if we have to wait until 2022.

Music Options During a Pandemic

Since the onset of the pandemic, live streams have been all the rage. And while it’s nice to still be able to watch one’s favorite artist’s play, it lacks the connection and feeling of the real thing. Drive-in concerts and shows with people separated into pods have worked but it’s difficult to make ends meet with the reduced attendance numbers needed to make those options viable.

Are you ready to get back out to a concert? I know I am. But I’m not going to risk it until I know it’s safe for myself and my neighbors. COVID numbers are going down and our medical professionals are getting better at treating those who do become sick. The last thing we need is to backtrack and put any unneeded stress on an already taxed medical infrastructure.

Let us know in the comments what band you’re going to go see first, we’d like to know. Who’s all in for a Lord Huron show somewhere down the line?

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