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There’s No Need to “RUN&HIDE,” Saint Slumber!  [Exclusive Interview]
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There’s No Need to “RUN&HIDE,” Saint Slumber! [Exclusive Interview]

The 'best band you've never heard of' has finally entered the future; Saint Slumber released their first single of 2023, "RUN&HIDE." After six long months of silence, we were so excited to see this song pop up on our Release Radar--and we were even more excited to have a chance to connect with Joshua Perna, Saint Slumber's vocalist, and chat a little bit about what the band has been up to. Read on and get reacquainted with our favorite New Jersey kings. Check Out "RUN&HIDE" by Saint Slumber on Spotify: Real talk: does Saint Slumber "RUN&HIDE" from the winter? Like many northern species, it seems that Saint Slumber tends to hibernate during the winter. This isn't surp...
Greg Amici Drops New Single and Video for “Remedy”
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Greg Amici Drops New Single and Video for “Remedy”

Greg Amici, the multi-talented musician, writer and actor from New Jersey, is back with a new single and video "Remedy", which is out now. It's the follow-up to his well-received single, "In Like a Lion" from his forthcoming LP Tragicomic.Amici says, ‘“Remedy” is about a guy with fairly impersonal needs and a partner whose sensual desires may have morphed into something stronger. Or else it’s about COVID… Musically, it’s sort of a sing-along shanty. And, in times like these, I suppose 'we all need a remedy.' "Right? Right.""Remedy" was produced by James Mastro (The Bongos, Mott the Hoople, Patti Smith, The Jayhawks) at Magic Door Recording (Montclair, NJ).