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1970’s Charitable Frenzy Explained in ‘Dear Mr. Brody’  (Review)
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1970’s Charitable Frenzy Explained in ‘Dear Mr. Brody’ (Review)

In 'Dear Mr. Brody,' the latest documentary from director Keith Maitland ('Tower'), we're introduced to a seemingly well-intentioned 21-year-old named Michael James Brody Jr. Brody caused a genuine national frenzy in 1970 when he announced he would be giving away his entire inheritance, allegedly worth $25 million or more, to people in need. He encouraged people to write him letters to let him know why they needed money. The plan was to distribute as much of it as he could for the betterment of society. Or so the story goes. Maitland attempts to uncover the bizarre backstory behind Brody's giveaway by speaking to his widow, several friends, and multiple letter writers from the original campaign. You see, Brody was quickly overwhelmed by the response to his quest to give aw...