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Velvet Rays Chronicles the Essence of Love in Debut Single “Something Different”

Introducing Velvet Rays, the R&B and soul duo making waves from the heart of Houston, TX. The duo is comprised of the talented singer, songwriter, and producer Jayson De Buyl. Along with the multifaceted artist, singer, songwriter, producer, choreographer, and dance teacher Jon Glenn. Their debut single, “Something Different,” is available now on Dark Spark Music.

The genesis of their single, as described by Jayson, is rooted in the concept of a dream girl. The ideal woman with whom one envisions spending a lifetime. Their mission was clear: to encapsulate the euphoria of new love and convey it in a way that not only makes sense but also breathes life into the hearts of their audience.

“Something Different” aims to evoke that exhilarating feeling of encountering someone for the first time, a moment filled with freshness and novelty. Jayson emphasizes that from the outset of the chorus, listeners should recognize the sensation of finding that special someone.

Velvet Rays: Organic Connection

Jon Glenn, drawing from his extensive industry experience, collaborates seamlessly with De Buyl. The Velvet Rays concept happened organically within the confines of Jayson’s home studio. According to Glenn, the creative process felt natural and effortless from the start. What began as a single song quickly snowballed into three or four robust tunes, prompting the realization that these tracks deserved to be shared as part of a collaborative project.

The magic of “Something Different” comes to life through the recording and pre-mixing at Jayson’s home studio. The final mix, crafted to perfection, is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Danny Jones (Immersive mix Dolby Atmos) and Daniel Fernando Gutierrez. With a blend of Jon’s industry wisdom and Jayson’s technical finesse, Velvet Rays has created a musical journey that promises to be both distinctive and unforgettable.

Immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of Velvet Rays as they redefine the essence of new love with “Something Different.”

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