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Polyvinyl Records Presents Birthmark’s Highly Anticipated Album ‘Birth of Omni’

Birthmark is the brainchild of accomplished multi-instrumentalist Nate Kinsella and a new album is on the way. Birth of Omni is set for release on January 19th, 2024 through Polyvinyl Record Co. Following the well-received lead single “Rodney,” Birthmark has unveiled “Red Meadow.” The new material is accompanied by a visually striking music video directed by Kinsella himself.

Photo Credit: Tom Medvedich

In “Red Meadow,” Kinsella explores the complex dynamics of midlife and parenthood. He shares how these experiences can reshape relationships and one’s understanding of oneself. The music video, co-directed by Chris Strong, employs light, darkness, and dance to articulate the emotional essence of the song. Kinsella and dancer Robin Mineko-Williams move together in tandem, symbolizing a connection that is both intimate and separate.

Getting Personal On “Red Meadow”

The song is a deeply personal reflection on the challenges faced by Kinsella and his wife during a challening period of raising their new child. Kinsella shares, “When my wife and I were overwhelmed with tending to our new child, our romantic relationship dwindled to the point where it felt like the pilot light had gone out.”

“Red Meadow” captures the gravity of this loss and the conflicting emotions arising from the nature of becoming parents. Kinsella poignantly expresses the need to rebalance the emotional ecosystem of their lives.

Getting To Know Nate

Nate Kinsella’s musical journey has spanned various indie groups, including Joan of Arc, American Football, LIES, and Make Believe. However, Birthmark showcases a new, unrestrained side of Kinsella, embracing every emotion and idea to frame the future in a unique light.

“Birth of Omni” is more than a musical journey; it’s a testament to vulnerability and self-reckoning. Kinsella took on the roles of writer, recording engineer, producer, mixer, and mastering engineer, crafting a personal narrative that serves as a reminder of how he wants to navigate the future. The album, born in darkness, now stands as an embodiment of essential reality, conveying the message that roles change, and there is always hope for growth and transformation.

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