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STARSET Announces Huge Plans for 2024

After the release of their 2021 album, HORIZONS, and subsequent tour in support of the new album, fans of the iconic cinematic rock band STARSET have been left on the edge of their seats, wondering what’s to come next from their favorite spacemen-turned-dystopian heroes. It’s going to be 2024 soon, and dang it, STARSET, we just wanna know!

Will it be… Another album? A tour? The novels we were promised all those years ago? Another app–or maybe a new puzzle? When it comes to STARSET, the possibilities are endless.

Well, we finally have some answers.

Read on to learn more about the band’s plan for Spring 2024.


One thing to understand about STARSET is that they are not your average rock band; they deal in experiences. While their albums are heavily conceptual and gorgeously cohesive, the stories they tell cannot be contained in one format.

No–instead, STARSET has delved into multimedia experiences, tying together their narrative through albums, videos, augmented reality cellphone apps, novels, comics, web-based puzzles, blogs, and more.

The first novel, The Prox Transmissions, was “commissioned by The STARSET Society” to further flesh out the world of Transmissions, the band’s first album. This first story further dives into the band’s origin story, serving as the spokespeople for the mysterious Society, sharing the message they received from outer space–a warning about our future. This novel has since been picked up by Marvel and was released as a graphic novel in 2017.

Despite being teased as a trilogy, there has been little news about the status of the rest of the STARSET novels… until now, at least. This month, Dustin Bates, founder and frontman of the band, has finally announced the publication date for the next book, titled A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE FUTURE: April 8, 2024.

What’s interesting is that this next novel shares a title with the lead track from the band’s third album, DIVISIONS, released in 2020.


For those who need a refresher, this third album cycle departed from the original story quite a bit; instead, it focused on the dystopian society that awaits us in the future, divided into two primary factions, ‘New West’ and the ‘Rebels’. This campaign was complete with AR-equipped venue posters, faction-themed Spotify playlists, and more.

As the opening track on the album, “A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE FUTURE” sets the tone for this era–and the world it is set in–with a spoken word piece that succinctly catches listeners up to speed: “this place is a desert for the mind / devoid of emotion and barren of thought.”

Whether or not this next novel will further flesh out the world of DIVISIONS is yet to be determined, but seems likely enough.

STARSET Presents… Immersion: The Final Chapter  

In the early days, STARSET was a four-piece band with a great album, fun costumes and an impeccable stage presence; now they’re a collective of seven impressive musicians cultivating experiences that feel more like immersive, high-concept LARP events than concerts–in the best possible away, of course.

These “DEMONSTRATIONS” are a one-of-a-kind experience, and thankfully, the wait for the opportunity to attend is soon to be over.

Along with A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE FUTURE‘s publication announcement, STARSET also announced a new US tour slotted for spring 2024.

STARSET‘s Demonstration Schedule: 2024

Looking for a Demonstration near you? Check out the current tour schedule, below.

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6 April — NASHVILLE, TN  
8 April — DALLAS, TX  
9 April — HOUSTON, TX 
12 April — SAN ANTONIO, TX  
13 April — TULSA, OK  
15 April — PITTSBURGH, PA  
16 April — GRAND RAPIDS, MI  
17 April — GREEN BAY, WI  
19 April — LAWRENCE, KS 
20 April — DENVER, CO 
21 April — SALT LAKE CITY, UT 
23 April — SEATTLE, WA 
24 April — PORTLAND, OR 
26 April — SACRAMENTO, CA 
27 April — ANAHEIM, CA 
28 April — PHOENIX, AZ 
11 May— ATLANTA, GA 
14 May — BOSTON, MA 
16 May— CHICAGO, IL 

Find tickets and VIP packages on the band’s website.

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