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Arkells Unveils New Single “Skin” Ahead of Highly Anticipated Album Release

Arkells, the Canadian rock band known for their infectious energy and anthemic sound, is back with an exciting announcement. They have released their latest single “Skin,” giving fans a taste of what’s to come from their forthcoming album. Laundry Pile is set to drop on September 21st via Virgin Music.

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“Skin” taps into a classic Americana sound while combining timeless melodies, rich harmonies, and acoustic guitars. Frontman Max Kerman describes the song as an exploration of choosing to love with purpose and finding meaning in life’s challenges. He explains, “It’s about realizing that the most profound relationships go beyond surface-level connections.”

This new single follows the title track “Laundry Pile” which was unveiled earlier this year. The material for the new release came together unexpectedly, catching the band off guard as they weren’t actively planning to release another album so soon. While Arkells’ previous material was often spirited and anthemic, this collection of songs takes a more contemplative and reserved approach. The album provides a cohesive listening experience, drawing inspiration from the singer-songwriter tradition.

New Album: Laundry Pile

The project began to take shape earlier this year when Arkells initially intended to work on acoustic renditions of their recent songs. After spending time jamming and bonding they quickly found themselves exploring new ideas and concepts.

Kerman brought in some demos he had been working on, which served as personal reflections. Little did he know that these ideas would eventually evolve into the heart of the new album. The entire band came together, embracing the creative process and deeply connecting with the music. This experience became one of their most profound and collaborative endeavors to date. Kerman reflects, “It’s important to simply honor the moment you’re in, and that’s what we did.”

“Laundry Pile” presents a carefully curated tracklist, taking listeners on a journey through introspection, love, and self-discovery. The album features ten captivating songs, including the previously mentioned tracks “Skin” and “Laundry Pile.” Each song on the record contributes to the overall narrative, making it a must-listen for fans and music enthusiasts alike.


  1. Life Is
  2. Skin
  3. Laundry Pile
  4. Wash Away
  5. Your Name
  6. Beginner’s Mind
  7. Shot In The Dark
  8. Time
  9. Tango Waltz
  10. Quiet Love

To support the album release, Arkells have also announced an exciting lineup of tour dates. They will kick off their performances on July 15th at the Parade Grounds at Base 31 in Picton, Ontario, as part of Campfire Nights. The band will continue to captivate audiences throughout the summer and beyond, sharing their electrifying live shows and new music. Stay tuned for additional tour dates in the United States, as Arkells bring their unforgettable performances to fans across the country.

To support Arkells and join in their musical journey, be sure to pre-order or pre-save their highly anticipated album, “Laundry Pile,” and mark your calendars for its release on September 21st.

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