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Underoath’s “Let Go” Explores The Importance Of Confronting Personal Demons

Renowned metalcore band Underoath, has released their new single, “Let Go.” Fans can stream and enjoy the new track wherever they happen to listen to music. In a recent discussion, the band revealed that “Let Go” was the first song they completed after recording their latest album, Voyeurist.

The track went through various iterations before reaching its final form. “Let Go” centers around the theme of letting go of trauma or personal demons that hold one back. The band also emphasizes that although it is challenging to make such decisions, stepping away from toxic environments is crucial for personal growth.

In February, Underoath announced its new worldwide deal with MNRK Heavy. The label’s SVP, Scott Givens, expressed his excitement about working with the band. The band echoed this sentiment, stating that partnering with MNRK Heavy was an important decision, and the label understood their vision and passion for music.

Underoath On Tour

The Blind Obedience Tour, which features Periphery and Loathe, kicked off on March 3 in Silver Spring and concludes on April 2 in Nashville. The band is also scheduled to perform at Slam Dunk Festival and Inkcarceration Festival.

Underoath’s ability to balance chaos and harmony with each successive release has earned them a loyal fanbase. Their music, which is characterized by creative tension, resonates deeply with their fans. Despite the band’s occasional combustions, their crackling energy coalesces into something incredibly resonant.

Their pair of gold albums and three Grammy nominations are a testament to their refusal to compromise on their artistic vision. The Underoath catalog weaponizes noise, aggression, and ambiance as skillfully as melody. Their music has influenced generations of bands who have followed their trail.

Walking Their Own Path

Underoath has carved out a unique space in the music industry. Their music is characterized by a combination of massive choruses and forward-thinking heaviness, both on record and onstage. Underoath is a band that continues to evolve, reinventing itself with each new release.

For more information visit the official Underoath website. Follow along on Instagram and Twitter for additional updates.

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