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Philly-Based Soraia Gearing Up For ‘Bloom’ Album Release

Things are starting to heat up for Philadelphia-based rock band Soraia ahead of the release of their new album. Their latest single “I Seek Fire” is having success on rock radio stations across the country. Bloom is set for release on October 28th on Stevie Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records.

Photo Credit: Cassandra Panek

Soraia is coming off a run of dates sharing the stage with iconic rocker Joan Jett. They have concerts planned in New York City, Indy, and Providence with a big hometown show in early December.

When it comes to the new material on Bloom, frontwoman Zou Zou Mansour had this to say.

Ultimately, our new album is about rising above all of the slights, injuries, and traumas we’ve all experienced – personally and together – and positioning ourselves into a new place we’ve chosen. A place with renewed courage and vitality. We realize we are all deserving of a life driven by our choices and power.

ZouZou Mansour

Getting To Know Soraia

At their core, Soraia is a trio consisting of Mansour (vocals), Travis Smith (bass), and Brianna Sig (drums). On “I Seek Fire” Mike Dudolevitch adds guitar and piano parts while Steve LaFashia contributes rhythm and lead guitar.

The music video debuted in late August and was directed by Sam Shapson. He’s known for his work with artists like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Oliver Tree Thrice, and All Time Low.

For more information visit the band’s website or follow along on Instagram and Twitter. Let us know what you think of “I Seek Fire” in the comments section below.

Tracklist: Bloom

  1. Jokers, Thieves, and Liars
  2. Tight-Lipped
  3. I Seek Fire
  4. Broken Cocoon
  5. She’s Already Dead
  6. Hammer and the Anvil
  7. Secret Medicine
  8. Strutter
  9. Jackson’s Song
  10. Mephistopheles

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