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12 Rock Videos On YouTube With More Than 1 Billion Views

Evanescence is the latest band to achieve a once-unthinkable milestone. “Bring Me To Live” has crossed the one billion view mark on YouTube. And we’d be lying if we said we weren’t responsible for at least 267 of those views over the last few years. Here’s a deeper dive where we take a look at 12 rock videos on YouTube that have been viewed more than a billion times.

Sure bands like Bon Jovi and AC/DC have hit the mark but that’s to be expected. Pop stars? Sure, a lot of them have more than a billion. And of course, in researching for this article we came across the fact that the first act to achieve this accomplishment was Psy with the phenomenon “Gangnam Style” (yes we can do the dance still).

So congrats to Amy Lee and company from Evanescence, you’ve entered into a pretty elite club here. Anytime you’re on the same level as Nirvana, Metallica, and Guns N’ Roses, you might have just hit a new level of fame. “Believer” is the most viewed on our list with over 2 billion while GNR’s November rain comes in second with around 1.8 billion.

Now for your homework assignment. Go watch November Rain a few hundred thousand times so they can catch up with Imagine Dragons. This is an ungraded assignment by the way.

Let’s take a look, in no particular order, at 12 music videos that have passed the 1 billion view threshold on YouTube.

12. Evanesence “Bring Me To Life”

Album: Fallen

Released: March 3rd, 2003

Total views (in billions): 1

11. Imagine Dragons “Believer”

Album: Evolve

Released: June 23, 2017

Total views (in billions): 2.1

10. Coldplay “Hymn For The Weekend”

Album: A Headful of Dreams

Released: December 5, 2015

Total views (in billions): 1.59

Album: Meteora

Released: March 25, 2003

Total views (in billions): 1.7

8. 4 Non Blondes “What’s Up”

Album: Bigger, Better, Faster, More!

Released: October 13, 1992

Total views (in billions): 1.2

7. Twenty One Pilots “Heathens”

Album: Suicide Squad: The Album

Released: August 5th, 2016

Total views (in billions): 1.7

6. Imagine Dragons “Radioactive”

Album: Night Visions

Released: February 12, 2013

Total views (in billions): 1.3

5. Coldplay “Paradise”

Album: Mylo Xyloto

Released: October 24, 2011

Total views (in billions): 1.53

4. Linkin Park “In The End”

Album: Hybrid Theory

Released: October 24, 2000

Total views (in billions): 1.38

3. Guns N’ Roses “November Rain”

Album: Use Your Illusion I

Released: September 17, 1991

Total views (in billions): 1.8

2. Metallica “Nothing Else Matters”

Album: Black Album

Released: August 12, 1991

Total views (in billions): 1.08

1. Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Album: Nevermind

Released: September 24th, 1991

Total views (in billions): 1.41

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