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Angels & Airwaves First New Album In Seven Years Is Worth The Wait

The Tom DeLonge-led, Angels & Airwaves have returned with their first new album in seven years called Lifeforms. Their North American tour got off to a rousing start the other night in Riverside, California.

In a recent interview with, DeLong along with drummer Ilan Rubin gets more in-depth on how the album came together. When asked about the new project, DeLonge had this to say, “Whatever you may or may not have thought Angels was, I think this album will honestly catch you by surprise.”

DeLonge reconnected with former bandmate Mark Hoppus last summer when it was revealed the Blink 182 bassist was battling cancer. Thankfully Hoppus was recently deemed cancer-free and a recent article in People discusses the duo’s rekindling of their friendship.

Reunion tour? Not so fast.

So while the inevitable Blink 182 reunion tour rumors circle, let’s enjoy the fact we have a great new album from Angels and Airwaves to familiarize ourselves with. DeLonge appears to be re-energized and tapping into some of that punk rock energy he’s familiar with. And who knows what will happen with Blink, give them some breathing room and they’ll fill us in if and when they’re ready.

Highlights on Lifeforms include “Rebel Girl”, “Spellbound” and the lead track “Timebomb”. A surprising omission from Lifeforms is the popular one-off track “All That’s Left Is Love“. Released in April of 2020 at the height of the pandemic, the track has amassed more than a million views on YouTube but DeLonge apparently felt it didn’t belong on the album.

Lifeforms Tracklist

  1. Timebomb
  2. Euphoria
  3. Spellbound
  4. No More Guns
  5. Losing My Mind
  6. Automatic
  7. Restless Souls
  8. Rebel Girl
  9. A Fire in a Nameless Town
  10. Kiss & Tell

To purchase tickets for Angels & Airwaves on tour, click here for details. For additional updates, you can follow the band on Twitter and Instagram. Check the band out as they debut “Timebomb” on national television on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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