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Dez Money Teases New Album With “Give Me All You’ve Got” Single Release

Dez Money’s evolution as a songwriter is on display with the release of his new single “Give Me All You’ve Got”. It’s the latest sample of material from his highly anticipated new album which is due later this year.

Dez spent a lot of time on the road with his respected father, rocker Eddie Money before he passed. He toured both as a guitarist in the band and as the opening act. He can also be seen on the AXS TV series “Real Money”, which chronicled the Money families life both at home and on tour.

This next generation of Money talent is starting to step into its own. Dez’s Take Me Down album debuted in 2015 followed by his sophomore album Blue in 2020. But now the focus turns to the new material. You’ll recognize some of the instruments in the new video for “Give Me All You’ve Got”.

Recognize That Guitar?

The guitar in the music video is really special to me because it was the guitar that was used in Two Tickets to Paradise. I wanted to bring that guitar out for this music video to honor my dad. I really love that guitar and at the end of the day, we’re just trying to make my dad proud by working hard doing what we love

– Dez Money

“Give Me All You’ve Got” is a feel-good pop song that’s a perfect fit for the end of summer. Though Dez comes from a rock background, he’s stated he loves all different types of music and went for a straight-up pop vibe on this track.

The music video shoot was a bit of a family affair with Dez directing it himself and his little brother Julian appearing on the drums. His sister Jess helped out as assistant director, coming through big on the part of the video when they make it rain 100 dollar bills. To link up with all three singles from the new album, click here.

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