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COOPER PHILLIP Captures the Struggles of Finding Self-love in Her Latest Single ‘Perfectly Original’

Comparison, self-doubt, and fear are some of our worst habits. Living life by comparing ourselves to others creates such a toxic environment. However, it is a slow and different journey for everyone to find the courage to love themselves no matter what. COOPER PHILLIP releases ‘Perfectly Original’, a single reminding us all how important we are.

COOPER was born in Russia to a family of classical pianists. Growing up, she was inspired by Ella Fitzgerald and eventually enrolled in Moscow State Classical Academy where she studied many instruments, and her vocals expanded into the powerful sound we hear today. COOPER has performed at well-known venues in Los Angeles such as Viper Room, Soho House, and Sayers Club. After her success with “Party by Myself” in 2016, reaching over 1.6 million streams on Spotify, she released eight singles, including her latest “Perfectly Original”.

New Single For 2021

The single was released in 2021 and is already reaching over 7K streams on Spotify. It is an anthem for those who need to be reminded of their self-worth. We are introduced to the piece with soft and angelic strings that are accompanied by a beautiful piano progression. COOPER’s vocals are ear-candy, to say the least. Her vibrato, tone, and pitch are all reasons she is one of the strongest vocalists. The harmonies, subtle background vocals, and pitch-perfect riffs bring forward the feel-good groove of the song. The lyricism goes straight to the hearts that need to hear it; “In the daylight, we’re afraid of judgment, we’re afraid of hurting, and being hurt”. In combination with the overall tone of the music, this single will brighten up the day and remind us of what it means to put aside all fear of judgment and live as we are with no regret.

Sometimes all it takes is music to remind us of our self-love and worth. COOPER has written and released a tool for many of her listeners to feel heard and valued. She has not only blessed us with her angelic vocals but also given us an opportunity to sing along to words that are spreading positive energy throughout society. Take a listen to ‘Perfectly Original‘ and keep an eye out for COOPER PHILLIP. She is one of a kind.

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