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Cat Calabrese releases her dynamic breakup anthem “Scared of Me”

On the heels of her March debut comes Cat’s second single, Scared of Me. The song was written by Cat and produced by DJ London Bridges, L8niteSasuke, and 15x platinum and Emmy award-winning, Jim Wirt (Incubus, No Doubt, Fiona Apple, Jack’s Mannequin). Released on April 30, 2021, Cat comes at you with some truth. The track opens with eerie sounds of a prison-like rattle and escalates with a fierce crescendo as the story is told. This man is on trial for the crimes he committed against her heart. 

Cat’s lyrics are her testimony. You have a choice when your world is turned upside down. You can exist forever in that sorrow, be drowned by your tears, and feel rejected, or you can fight back. She lit a match and he has no case. The story twists and turns as she untangles from the chaos of confusion. Cat wails with no remorse. No preacher, no police nor the comfort of his sleep is enough to save him. The soundscape of 808s, ripping guitars, and ominous strings keep you rooting for her the entire time. 

This dynamic break-up anthem will remind everyone how empowering it is to let go of toxicity and find the voice within to lift ourselves back up! Add to your “kick ass” playlist now.