Creativity, Loss, and Passion Collide in “Bergman Island” (Review)

In her English-language debut, French director Mia Hansen-Løve utilizes the inspiration of Ingmar Bergman to tell two stories in one. Both take place on the Baltic island of Faro, not far off the northern coast of Sweden. Bergman first went there in 1960 while scouting locations for “Through a Glass Darkly.” He ended up shootingContinue reading “Creativity, Loss, and Passion Collide in “Bergman Island” (Review)”

St. Vincent Checks in to “The Nowhere Inn” (Review)

The evolution of Annie Clark as a musician has been pretty incredible to watch over the years. From the quieter introspection of her 2007 debut album “Marry Me” to the full-on glam rock persona she has taken on more recently, she has become an award-winning artist recording as St. Vincent. Despite the acclaim and aContinue reading “St. Vincent Checks in to “The Nowhere Inn” (Review)”

Tribeca 2021: “Werewolves Within” (Review)

It takes a very careful balance to create a successful horror comedy film. If you want to expand beyond genre lovers, you need a strong cast of characters and a way to still have some impactful scares and enough laughter to lighten the mood along the way. Mishna Wolff (with her first screenplay) and directorContinue reading “Tribeca 2021: “Werewolves Within” (Review)”