Looking to Fill 31 Days of Horror? Halloween Streaming Tips Are Here!

Are you looking for some thrills and chills for streaming this spooky Halloween season? The good news is that there is something for everybody out there, you just have to know where to look. If all you want to do is watch scary movies for the next few weeks, you should really subscribe to Shudder.Continue reading “Looking to Fill 31 Days of Horror? Halloween Streaming Tips Are Here!”

Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” a Ride Worth Taking (Review)

After the wild success of five movies based on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride that collectively earned over $4.5 billion at the global box office, it shouldn’t be surprising that Disney would adapt more of their famous theme park attractions for the big screen. When I first heard that they were going to makeContinue reading “Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” a Ride Worth Taking (Review)”

Tribeca 2021: “Wolfgang” (Review)

The launch of Spago in 1982 put Wolfgang Puck on the map and, next to perhaps only Julia Child a few decades prior, he became one of the first celebrity chefs to fully integrate into popular culture. His life from growing up in an abusive household in Austria to the commercialization of “California Cuisine” isContinue reading “Tribeca 2021: “Wolfgang” (Review)”

Disney’s “Cruella” is Darkly Wicked Fun (Review)

Disney has always had a habit of raiding their past in order to fuel their present-day success. Before home video, they frequently reissued their classic films in theaters and that eventually turned into the cash-cow of the Disney Vault wherein their most classic films would get released on vhs/dvd/blu-ray for a limited time and thenContinue reading “Disney’s “Cruella” is Darkly Wicked Fun (Review)”